Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Whoooo are yoooou???

This is my interpretation of The Caterpillar. This is my favorite so far in my wonderland series. I didn't want create a literal version with 6 arms and too insect looking. I wanted her to be long and serene. She's just chilling on her mushroom, smoking and she's interrupted. Rude!!

I used Acrylic paint, False eyelashes and beads to create the piece.  

I spelled out the phase Who R U? in the smoke using a liner bottle filled with silver acrylic paint.

I used false eyelashes over her eyes to get a 3D element on her face. I also drew a henna tattoo in sliver pen because 1. she's a hookah smoking caterpillar and 2. the silver compliments her blue skin.

I decided to do a henna tattoo in silver pen on her thigh. I sown pink beads on winged part of her outfit because i felt she needed some bling somewhere.


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